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How to Make a Picture of the 76th Anniversary of the Republic of Indonesia Using Twibbon, Complete with Links

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Author: Alif Nur | Editor: Adrianus Adhi

SURYA.CO.ID – Here’s how to make a picture of the 76th HUT RI greeting using Twibbon easily.

Exactly on August 17, 2021, the Indonesian people celebrate the nation’s Independence Day.

There is nothing wrong with appreciating the hero’s struggle through self-made words.

Through Twibbon, the public can include their own photos with a red and white theme.

Here’s how to make it.

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How to Make a 76th RI HUT Greetings with Twibbon

1. First click the link

2. On the main page, the latest twibbon designs will appear that you can try.

3. If the twibbon that appears on the main page does not match the twibbon you want, then you can search for the twibbon you want in the search field, for example enter the word ‘HUT ke-76 RI

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