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Benefits of Dewadaru Fruit, Effectively Overcome Aging to Wrinkles – FAJAR SULTRA

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SULTRA.FAJAR.CO.ID – One of the most phenomenal fruits is Dewadaru. Dewadaru leaves for some people will be used as salad.

The fruit is also very magical, because it contains a myriad of benefits for health and beauty.

Women should eat this Dewadaru fruit. Because, the usefulness will make you widen. Women can be addicted to see the results.

Dewadaru or also known as the Dutch mirror is not a native plant of Indonesia.

This plant, which has the Latin name Eugenia uniflora, has a round fruit with indentations around it.

It has a variety of bright colors so it looks very beautiful. There are red, yellow, orange, to green.

Dewadaru contains nutrients that are important for health, including vitamin C and flavonoids.

Here, reveals the benefits of regularly consuming Dewadaru fruit, making women widen.

Boost immunityA good immune system is important to protect the body from attacks by viruses or bacteria that cause disease, so you don’t get sick easily.

To maintain and increase immunity, it is recommended to eat a variety of healthy foods such as Dewadaru fruit.

Prevent thrushThe benefits of Dewadaru fruit are also good for oral health because it can prevent the emergence of thrush which makes the mouth feel uncomfortable and of course it is difficult to chew and swallow food.

Inhibits free radicalsDewadaru fruit is known to contain antioxidants so that it plays an important role in protecting body cells from damage caused by free radicals.

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