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LIST of Names of the 2021 National Flag-raising Troops & What are the Names of Raising and Carrying Flags?

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TRIBUNPONTIANAK.CO.ID – Today the Red and White Flag will be hoisted during the commemoration of the 76th Independence Day of the Republic of Indonesia.

A total of 68 of the best sons and daughters from Aceh to Papua were selected to represent their respective provinces and joined the Red and White Flag raising troops at the State Palace.

An extraordinary achievement for those who were selected after participating in the selection among thousands of students.

Of the 68 best sons and daughters, 3 will be selected again for the raising of the Red and White Flag.

Two people will be selected to raise the flag and 1 more will carry the flag.

The names of those who fly the flag will be announced ahead of the ceremony.

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The list of names for the 2021 Paskibraka Members are:

– Aldi Syahputra
– Nisa Ulhusna

– Decent rifaldy
– Ardelia Muthia Zahwa

– M. Bimantara Widyanto
– Flora Flecia Tanjung

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