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49 Indonesian Local Game Developers Participate in Gamescom and Tokyo Game Show 2021 – Page 2

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He also greeted the selected delegates who will represent Indonesia in the Gamescom event and Tokyo Game Show (TGS) 2021, while conveying his hopes to the delegates.

“We hope that each participant delegation can show maximum business performance and can bring business opportunities in the global gaming industry to the country.

Of course, this is expected to be able to make the gaming industry one of the pillars of our economic revival and be able to open wider employment opportunities,” said Sandiaga during the 2021 Gamescom Press Conference and the 2021 Tokyo Game Show virtually, Monday (16/8/2021).

Responding to the participation of the Indonesian delegation in the 2021 Gamescom grand event, the Indonesian Ambassador to the Federal Republic of Germany, Arif Havas Oegroseno, stated that the Gamescom event could be used as a means of promoting the Indonesian game industry and technology on the world stage.

“Gamescom is one of the international trade fairs as well as a platform to increase the profile and business of our game industry,” he said.

The Deputy Minister of Trade of the Republic of Indonesia Jerry Sambuaga specifically stated his hopes regarding the game industry which can become the strength of Indonesia’s digital economy.

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“Indonesia, according to the President’s report in 2021, has a digital trade value of IDR 330 trillion.

This figure is indeed the number of the digital industry in general, but hopefully this number can spur the local game industry to be able to make this number even bigger in the following years, “said Jerry.

President of the Indonesian Game Association (AGI) Cipto Adiguno expressed his appreciation for the government’s commitment to continue to support the Indonesian game industry, which is not only incidental, but also continuous.

“This (government support) must of course be done continuously, considering the number of achievements of the Indonesian game business in the international market cannot be achieved only by the incidental presence of Indonesian games at events like this. However, the continuity of the existence of the Indonesian game industry is needed continuously,” he said.

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