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How to make a narrow space look spacious with wall paint all

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JAKARTA, – Sometimes a small space or house feels more comfortable and intimate. However, often a small house feels full and you definitely need a room that looks more spacious.

If you feel such a condition, there is no need to renovate. There is an easy and simple way to make a narrow space feel wider, namely by painting the walls.

By choosing certain color shades over others, you can instantly create the illusion of a larger room, higher ceilings, and even more natural light.

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Reported from Martha Stewart, Saturday (7/8/2021), here are some easy ways to make a narrow space look wider with wall paint.

1. Choose the right ceiling color

“Choose a ceiling color that is in the same color range as the wall paint color. This way, you’ll be less aware of where the walls end and the ceiling begins,” says Charlotte Cosby, chief creative officer at Farrow & Ball.

Another trick is to use the same colors to paint the wood furniture as you used on the walls. This method can make the walls appear taller.

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As for Nivara Xaykao, color specialist at Benjamin Moore, suggesting a coloring technique that can help elevate a room with a rather low ceiling.

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“Try extending your wall color a few inches into the ceiling to create the illusion of a higher ceiling. Then, paint the rest of the inside of the ceiling white,” says Xaykao.

2. Contrast color

While some basic color rules apply when optimizing a small space, such as avoiding light paint in a low-light room, that doesn’t mean you can’t play with a fun color palette.

In fact, Xaykao says a combination of neutral but high-contrast colors can easily help expand a narrow room.

“Think about how black-and-white stripes can highlight different body parts. To create the illusion of a wider space, you can also combine high-contrast colors like black and white,” he explains.

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baby bedroom illustrationUnsplash/Sidekix Media baby bedroom illustration

3. Don’t be afraid to use dark colors

If your small space doesn’t get a lot of natural light, you might think that choosing a lighter color is the best option.

However, Erika Woelfel, vice president of color and creative services at Behr says darker colors push the boundaries of space. the walls come out and really create a more spacious feel.

You can opt for a bolder hue if you want a pop of color, but remember to test how it looks under light. You can do this by taking several sample sizes of paint and painting them with a small brush on the wall.

“In small spaces, you’re likely to rely on artificial lighting so it’s important to see how lighting affects color and reflection,” says Woelfel.

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If you have an adequate amount of natural light and want to find ways to maximize that light in your room, Cosby recommends considering colors with warmer tones.

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