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Cara membuat kalimat. doni: that is a hice job riyan! riyan:thank you very munch-sin. doni:do you

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Receptionist : good morning,r n’ r corporation nisa : morning,my name is nisa….mr.mark please? receptionis : …….i will check if he is at the off

ice now nisa: ok,i will hold the line receptionist:mrs.nisa,thank you for waiting,mr.mark is having a guest this moment…… nisa: no,…….bye receptionist: thanks for calling r n’ r corporation,bye

Example of dialogue present continuous, present future and present perfect tense combined 4 people must be 150 words or more

Change these sentences into passive form!1. did you call him ? 2. noone can do it. 3. do you call me 4. he put the ball in the basket 5. have you kill

ed the snake? 6. mommy cleans the room every day. 7. my uncle fixed the toy yesterday.please help me☺​

read the sentences, then identity the expression of capability and incapability1.although my father is 60 years old, he is still capable of driving a

car well2. they think i have the qualifications needed for this job3. andra is able to draw anything well4. you don’t know anything about making a good writing5. i don’t think you have the ability to do this work6. i am incapable of speaking french7. the girl knows nothing about chemistryobrero8. i can write a fiction book.aber vormpol9. she think they have a chance to reach their dream10. diana can speak english well,mohon di jawab pertanyaannya, hari ini di kumpulkan​

Activity 1. complete the following dialogues with the appropriate expressions.​

Diabog 1ms. vina : excuse me. what can i do for you?randy : yes, ma’am. i’d like to send this(1)______ms. vina : what is the destination?randy : balik

papan. how much should i pay forthe (2)_____charges?ms. vina : we have three services, ordinary,premium, and gold which do youprefer?randywhat differs one service to another?ms. vina : the (3)_____ time. if you want your friends to receive. ​

3. identify the conditions that must be taken for a development to take place. Answers: 4. analyze the methods used by sociologists…

ogi to solve social problems!Answer:5. identify the forms of juvenile delinquency!Answer:​

Writingtask 5complete the following dialogues with the suitable answer in the boxdialogue 1rangga vina (1)vina yes (2) ?rangga mayl use it (3) ? i nee

d to browse some articles for my english homework especially thematenals about grammarvina of course use it as long as you need (4)rangga (5)vina you’re welcomedialogue 2uook (6)joeoh. (7) joe?ucok what are you doing right now?joe read a book, why?ucok (8) do not forget also to a farewell party tomorrowokay (@) for the infomationuook (10)a is that youblam very gratefule are you onlined for a whilee thank you very muchthby the waydo not mention itwhats upi’m donehey youcommunicating​

1. how many people are involved in the dialogue ? 2. who are they? 3. what does tika want to do? 4. show a sentence that asking obligation! 5. show a

sentence that stating obligation !​

Fill in the following blanks based on the pictures provided in English

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