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A Driver in Grobogan Found Dead Beside a Truck

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SOLOPOS.COM – Officers were loading the truck driver’s body into an ambulance, Monday (16/8/2021). (Special-PMI Grobogan), PURWODADI – A truck driver was found dead beside his vehicle during the process of loading watermelon harvest in Kalimedang Hamlet, Kandangrejo Village, Klambu District, Grobogan Regency, Monday (16/8/2021).

The information compiled stated that the driver named Katira, 46, a resident of Gegesik Village/Sub-district, Cirebon Regency came to Klambu, Monday morning. The victim’s arrival with Firdamalian, 23, a resident of Panunggal Village, Gresik District, was about to make a watermelon transaction.

The two of them boarded a truck with the license plate number E 0233 HD from Cirebon to Grobogan. The truck driver with Firdamalian arrived at the Nglejok gas station, Purwodadi to meet with Ahmad Nur Misbahun, the owner of the watermelon plant.

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After meeting with Misbahun, the two of them headed to the watermelon growing area in Klambu District. Then the process of loading the harvested watermelons was carried out by a number of people supervised by truck drivers. While Firdamalian was waiting for the watermelon loading process, he was hanging out at a shop.

Around 15.00 WIB the watermelon loading process was completed. Then Katira drove the truck to the stall where Firdamalian was hanging out. After being told that the loading was complete, Firdamalian rode a motorbike to meet Misbahun.

After completing the payment, Firdamalian returned to the truck parking location. However, he found Katira’s truck driver lying face down beside the truck. Immediately, he shouted for help from residents around the scene.

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The residents reported this incident to the Klambu Police. Then the Head of the Klambu Sector Police, Iptu Ma’arif along with members who received reports came to the location. Furthermore, together with the Inafis team of the Grobogan Police, the medical team of the Klambu Health Center conducted an examination of the truck driver.

The evidence found were two Argoxin tablets, four Gasela tablets, and a pack of Paracetamol. It is known that the victim had been suffering from stomach pain. It is suspected that when he was trying to put a tarp on the tailgate of the truck, the victim fell.

“The victim of a truck driver is suspected of having a heart attack while trying to install the tarpaulin of the truck. Then he fell with his head on a rock. We found wounds on the victim’s head in the upper right part of the victim’s head,” explained the Head of the Klambu Sector Police, Iptu Ma’arif.

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