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New and used BMW E30 prices, taxes, specifications and engine performance

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New and used BMW E30 prices, taxes, specifications and engine performance

The BMW E30 is a family car from the BMW 3 Series dedicated to its class Compact Executive Car. This car made by the German manufacturer made its debut in 1986 with the 318i series.

As one of the popular classic cars, the BMW E30 has managed to stay in the market with lots of spare parts Aftermarket And a fan base everywhere. The BMW E30 is for those who want to show off Athlete But still classy.

It is appropriate if you want to buy this car, first know the complete information on the BMW E30 Indonesia, starting from the price to the specifications as follows.

Price of new and used BMW E30

BMW E30 is present in Indonesia in two variants, namely M10 and M40. Talking about the price of the BMW E30, you can tell if it is new or used.

The price of the latest BMW E30 starts from Rp. 859 million. It is different again with the price of the BMW 3 Series with the M-Sport configuration of around Rp. 1.009 billion and the M3 Competition configuration starting from Rp. 2.059 billion.

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Now for the price of a modified used BMW E30 according to its condition, here are the ranges:

  • Rp 15 million to Rp 100 million under normal circumstances.
  • IDR 12-30 million for a BMW E30 in the worst condition and requires more time and money for restoration.
  • IDR 50 million for the price of a full original BMW E30 but not maintained, dirty paint, cracked seats starting from

BMW E30 tax

With bmw car price Which is so expensive to be hacked up to billions of rupiah, no wonder the BMW car tax is really drained. Here’s the BMW E30 tax calculation:

  • Motorcycle Tax (PKB): IDR 509.2 thousand
  • SWDKLLJ: 143 thousand rupiah
  • Total annual tax: IDR 652.2 thousand

In addition, BMW cars will also be subject to an annual progressive BMW tax on the car at the following rates:

  • Progressive 1:751 thousand rupiah
  • Progressive 2: 903 thousand IDR
  • Progress 3: IDR 1.055 million

Exterior BMW E3

The BMW E30 has 4 round headlights, one of which uses a regular bulb. The headlights of this model are a legacy of its predecessor, the BMW E21, which was the first generation of the BMW 3 Series.

This car looks suitable for those of you who like vintage car models or make with headlights in mind. Oh yes, the BMW E30 is the last variant that still carries round lights. The lines on the hood are designed parallel to the front grille. This design makes the BMW E30 more sporty. Not to forget, a pair of turn signal has been added above the bumper.

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