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Here’s the link to the list of virtual ceremonies with Jokowi, see how to register on the page

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Holy Portal – This article contains information on how to register along with a link to take part in the virtual Merdeka Palace ceremony with President Jokowi.

Check out the following article to find out information about how to register for an online or virtual ceremony with Jokowi in the context of the 76th Indonesian Independence Day.

Towards the celebration of the 76th Anniversary of the Republic of Indonesia, the government has issued a circular regarding the Guidelines for the 76th Indonesian Independence Day Ceremony.

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Independence Day celebrations cannot be separated from the flag ceremony, in conditions of the Covid-19 pandemic like this, causing the implementation of the flag ceremony on independence day to be different.

This is attempted to prevent the spread of Covid-19 during an event that invites large crowds, from this the guidelines for the procedure for carrying out a flag ceremony for this year are recommended by the government for any party who wants to hold a flag ceremony.

For people who want to take part in the flag ceremony procession with President Jokowi virtually, you can listen to the following information.

This is based on an announcement made on the Presidential Secretariat’s YouTube show, which said:

“All Indonesians can join the President and Vice President directly on the front page of the Merdeka Palace via video conference. For that, you can register yourself through the page,” said Yusuf Permana in the Presidential Secretariat’s YouTube account on July 31 2021.

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