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The Benefits of Moringa Leaves Explained by Various Research Results

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Who doesn’t know the benefits of Moringa leaves? The leaves derived from this Moringa plant, are usually used by Indonesian people as vegetables and are also one of the ingredients of traditional medicine.

Moringa plant or Moringa oleifera, is a plant native to northern India that can grow in tropical and subtropical places, such as Africa and Asia, including Indonesia. Not only that, this plant can also grow in all types of soil, and is able to survive during the dry season.

In Indonesia itself, Moringa leaves are easy to find, especially in the eastern part, including in West Sulawesi. By consuming this leaf, it is believed to be able to minimize diseases such as diabetes, anemia, to diarrhea problems, and is also good for pregnant women.

Moringa leaves, especially in the people of West Sulawesi, are known as leaves Cilloro’ which can not only cure various diseases. However, it is also often used as an additional ingredient in making Kapurung (Sulawesi special food).

The benefits and efficacy of the Moringa plant can not only be found in the leaves. But also in plant parts, such as stems, roots and seeds. Among the parts of the plant, Moringa leaves have high nutritional content, for health.

Well, what are the benefits of Moringa leaves for health? The following is a summary of various research results.

Maintaining the Health of Pregnant Women

The study of Jongrungruangchok et al. in Journal of Health Research The results show that in the Philippines, Moringa leaves are very popular for consumption as vegetables and can function to increase the amount of breast milk in breastfeeding mothers, thus earning the nickname mother’s best friend atau Mother’s best friend.

In the scientific journal explained, Moringa leaves contain elements of micronutrients that are needed by pregnant women, such as: beta carotene, thiamin (B1), Riboflavin (B2), niacin (B3), calcium, iron, Phosphor, magnesium, zinc, and vitamin C, which are intakes to improve the nutritional health of pregnant women. With it, pregnant women can reduce stress and the condition of the fetus is healthy and the mother’s feelings will be more calm, comfortable, and happy.

Becoming a Natural Preservative

Another benefit of Moringa leaves is that it functions as a natural preservative. This is shown in research Journals of Food Packaging and Shelf Life conducted by Shah et al, in 2015. They found that the color of fresh meat was maintained for a period of 12 days when stored at cold temperatures through Moringa leaf extract.

This happens because Moringa leaves have compounds phenolic and ascorbic acid, and carotenoid. Able to prevent interactions between oxygen molecules and all the different substances so that the fat in meat stays fresh when stored.

Able to Overcome Diarrhea

Moringa leaves described by Lakshminarayana and his friends in International Journal of Phytomedicine Volume 3 showed the benefits of Moringa leaves to overcome diarrhea. That’s because in Moringa leaves there are ingredients including: tannin and flavonoid which is used to treat diarrhea.

Able to Treat Diabetes

The next benefit of Moringa leaves is that it can treat diabetes. Remember, high blood sugar levels (a hallmark of diabetes) can be a serious health problem. Because it can increase the risk of high, including heart disease.

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Well, Moringa leaves are the best solution to reduce this risk where, Moringa leaves contain chlorogenic acid which can stabilize blood sugar levels.

Based on the results of research, acid chlorogenate Moringa leaves can help the body process sugar better. In addition, it can also improve the way the body releases insulin to help control blood sugar levels.

Those are some of the benefits of Moringa leaves if consumed. Actually, there are many other benefits that are produced for health. So, there is no reason not to consume Moringa leaves. Especially in the current situation where the Covid-19 pandemic continues to terrorize our health condition.

“The benefits for health, apparently not as wide as Moringa leaves”.[*]

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