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Study the linguistic features of the text, how to make a tablecloth that includes active sentences​

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Find the structure (head, body and tail) of the news​

Complete the table of the distance of each object above to the x-axis and y-axis to cows, mangoes, donuts, flowers, chickens.

1) Humans have three types of blood vessels, namely arteries, veins, and capillaries. (2) Arterial blood vessels are wide blood vessels. (3) bullies…

This type of blood distributes blood to all parts of the body. (4) the blood in the arteries is bright red and contains oxygen. (5) veins are narrow blood vessels. … the writing of the wrong word is in the sentence … . *​

Please make an exposition text with the following conditions: – topic: online learning or online – make an outline first (in …

attach to work results)​

Read the text cheerfully and then! Read the following fantasy story quotes to answer questions number 2 to 4! Sunny Sunday morning. ardi, handi, and dani are…

at the Trowulan temple. they are selected students from a junior high school who are doing an observation task for a teenager’s scientific work. In the midst of a crowd of people who are traveling, they are busy completing their reports.2. In the structure of the fantasy story text, what part is the quote in?3. where is the background of the story?4. Write down the reference words and things that are referred to in the story quote!5. change the following direct sentences into indirect sentences “I try to be the champion of the class by studying every day,” ardi answered rather haltingly.​

The way to know the main idea in a written test is

Variations of words from look, clean, graceful, perfect, special, shiny, stunning, enchanted, lonely, posture, typical, face, soft, seduce, quiet, calm, exemplary …

an, light, strong, soft, cool, unique, interesting, attention

Write one example sentence for each of the technical words. page 23

Penguin is one type of animal that has wings. The function of the wings in penguins is to

Kawih “jang jang dalam b. Sunda paragraf 1

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