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Unique Design of Sikka Kejari’s Office, Dominance of Bamboo Wrapped in Ikat

  • Share, Sikka – The atmosphere and interior of the office can affect employee productivity at work. This theory is used by the Head of the Sikka State Prosecutor’s Office, NTT Fahmi, to create a pleasant office atmosphere among employees. The Sikka Prosecutor’s Office now has an interior building that can be considered instagramable.

The two-story building, located on Jalan Jenderal Sudirman, Maumere City, is now laid out using the concept of nature. The head of the Sikka District Attorney’s Office, Fahmi, Wednesday (4/8/2021) said the majority of the materials used were bamboo, and used wood that was no longer used.

“The concept that I want to promote is to return to nature by exploring and maintaining local wisdom in Sikka Regency,” he said.

Fahmi said that in carrying out the arrangement, his party also used unused items so that they could be useful.

“The idea is natural because there is a lot of bamboo so that bamboo and other plants are used to give a natural impression. We want to maintain, highlight and preserve local wisdom. Because who else does it if we don’t start it,” he said.

Fahmi also said that the concept of office interiors returning to nature is also an effort to reintroduce the artistic, aesthetic, and cultural values ​​of NTT to the public.

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Basic Materials of Bamboo and Ikat

The reception desk is made in the shape of a boat using wood. ( Wilibardus)

The reception desk is made in the shape of a boat using wood. ( Wilibardus)

Fahmi said the Kejari Sikka will continue to innovate in the office so that employees feel at home and not stressed, so they feel comfortable and can be productive.

“I’m not a regional head, so it’s impossible to decorate the city so I can only decorate my workplace. I want to make people feel comfortable in this office,” he said.

Fahmi explained that he would build fountains and office complex fences with natural stones, as well as many other developments. The basic ingredients have remained bamboo and ikat in arranging the office and complex of the Sikka District Attorney since June 2020.

“We innovate, create until I move from this place. Furniture and rooms in the office are still arranged with the concept of nature,” he explained.

Almost every corner of the Sikka Kejari Office room is decorated using ikat cloth from various motifs in Sikka Regency, including using wood carvings, as well as building lopo-lopos and fountains inside.

The use of bamboo as poles arranged in office hallways, looks very good, and gives coolness and when entering the reception desk, it is made in the shape of a boat using wood.

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