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Independence Monument Area in Probolinggo City Square, Unmaintained

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HISTORICAL BUILDING: The Independence Monument still stands in Probolinggo City Square. But after the completion of the revitalization, the maintenance of the monument has not been maximized. Including the growth of wild plants at the top of the monument.

PROBOLINGGO, TADATODAYS.COM – The Independence Monument, which stands in the middle area of ​​Probolinggo City Square, is in poor condition. As a symbol of community gatherings and a symbol of the struggle in the colonial era, the building, which was erected on August 17, 1946, looks shabby and overgrown with weeds.

This was seen when Tadatodays visited the square on Monday (16/8/2021) afternoon.

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Head of the Landscaping Division at the local Environment Agency, Suciati Ningsih, said the square revitalization document was still with the Public Works, Spatial Planning, Housing and Settlement (PUPR-Perkim) Office, and had not yet been submitted to DLH. Thus, the authority to maintain landscaping cannot be carried out.

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However, Suci said that her party was still carrying out maintenance and coordinating with CV. Binar Aulia Sari as the contractor.

Coordination with cleaning the garbage by deploying 7 cleaners. “It is divided from the east, south, west, north and middle sides,” he said.

Meanwhile, Head of PUPR-Perkim Office Agus Hartadi said that his party will immediately carry out maintenance and coordinate with contractors. “It will be conveyed to the officers as well,” said Agus.

Meanwhile, contractor CV. Binar Aulia Sari, Kurnia said that her party had carried out maintenance by cutting grass, watering and cleaning plants in the square. (ang/don)

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