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8 Benefits of Betel Leaf, Cure Acne to Lower High Blood Pressure

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SURABAYA, AYOSURABAYA.COM — Betel leaf is one of the herbal plants that have many benefits. For example, it is used to cure acne to lower high blood pressure.

This vine has a unique leaf shape, which is like a heart shape and can grow up to 15 meters. Often planted in gardens and yards for family medicinal purposes.

Betel leaf contains many active compounds that are good for the health of the body, including diastase enzymes, tannins, sugars and essential oils. Then what are the other benefits of betel leaf?

Here are the benefits of betel leaf that you need to know

1. Lower cholesterol and high blood pressure
Betel leaf contains high antioxidants. Antioxidants are useful for fighting free radicals that trigger oxidative stress (the number of free radicals in the body exceeds capacity) which can cause various chronic diseases.

Betel leaf can reduce triglyceride levels, LDL cholesterol, and fat in the body. Instead betel leaf is known to increase good cholesterol in the blood which can maintain heart health. The content of essential oils and phenols in betel leaf can be used to stabilize blood pressure. The trick is to mix boiled water betel leaves with honey and then drink regularly 2 times a day.

2. Treating acne problems
Betel leaf contains antiseptic properties that can protect against various types of germs so that it can be used to treat acne. The trick is to crush the betel leaf and then take the juice and apply it to the acne-prone area. In addition, you can also use betel leaf boiled water to wash your face with acne.

3. As an antiseptic
Betel leaf contains polyphenols and chavicol which can protect against various types of bacterial infections. So it is often used to heal wounds.

4. Heals burns
When a person experiences burns, he will also experience a fairly high oxidative stress in his body. Oxidative stress can inhibit the wound healing process. The antiseptic content in betel leaf can protect wounds from various types of bacterial infections so that it can accelerate the healing process.

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