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Price List for Apple iPhone August 2021, iPhone SE, iPhone XR, iPhone 11 & iPhone 12 Series

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Reporter : Candra Isriadhi

TRIBUNNEWSMAKER.COM – The following is the latest iPhone price update for August 2021.

A smartphone manufacturer from the United States, Apple iPhone is one of the most popular brands in Indonesia.

The Apple iPhone, which uses the iOS operating system, is one of the most popular mobile phones.

Apple released various iPhone models with different specifications.

Apple iPhone is also known for its premium quality phones.

So that Apple has loyal iPhone fans who are very loyal.

This is what makes the Apple iPhone one of the prima donna smartphones in the world.

iPhone 12 design leaks
iPhone 12 design leak (

The cheapest model from Apple is the iPhone SE 2020 64GB, it can still be the choice of many people.

In terms of specifications, the iPhone SE 2020 64GB series is indeed the simplest.

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