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Reasons to drink lemon boiled water before bed is good to try during a pandemic – All Pages

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Benefits of boiling lemon at night

Benefits of boiling lemon at night – Trying new habits such as drinking lemon boiled water before going to bed at night has efficacious benefits that are good to do during a pandemic.

The ongoing Covid-19 pandemic requires us to try various good habits while at home.

Good habits that are carried out during a pandemic are activities that are able to maintain our immune system or immunity.

One habit that can boost the immune system is to drink lemon boiled water before going to bed at night.

Reported by BolaStylo from, trying to drink lemon boiled water for a week until it becomes a habit can strengthen the body’s immunity.

More than that, drinking lemon boiled water before bed will make the body feel various other benefits when you wake up.

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In addition to boosting the immune system, lemon boiled water can prevent colds which is also good for taking care of yourself during this pandemic.

In addition, lemon boiled water can also increase energy when starting the day, helps digestion and regulates metabolism, removing toxins from the body.

This boiled water is also able to balance the body’s pH level, cleanse the skin to make it look beautiful, freshen breath, help lose weight.

In fact, boiled lemon water can improve mood and happiness to prevent depression and help the healing process hydrate the lymph system.

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Overall, drinking lemon boiled water before bed can help start the day from being hydrated, healthy, beautiful, happy and always filled with energy.

Therefore, the habit of drinking lemon boiled water is very good to do, especially during a pandemic like today.

How to make lemon boiled water can also be said to be very easy.

The ingredients needed, only need to prepare 6 lemons, clean water and honey just as a sweetener that holds many benefits too.

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How to make it, first slice 6 lemons in half, then add all the pieces to a pot of clean water.

Then boil for about 3 minutes on medium heat, let it cool for 10-15 minutes.

Remove the lemon and pulp from the water then put the lemon boiled water in a glass.

It is recommended, to get a more delicious taste, add honey that has been prepared to taste.


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