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PMI Bekasi Regency Develops Environmentally Friendly Disinfectant Cairan

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BERITACIKARANG.COM, CIBITUNG – The Indonesian Red Cross (PMI) of Bekasi Regency has begun to develop liquids filled with environmentally friendly disinfectants. This liquid, known as Eco Enzyme, will be used to replace disinfectants from chemical liquids to anticipate the spread of Coronavirus Disease 2019 (Covid-19).

Acting (Plt) Head of PMI Bekasi Regency, Ahmad Kosasih said that the development of this environmentally friendly disinfectant liquid was the result of his collaboration with the Eco Enzyme Nusantara Community in the Bekasi area.

“We will use this Eco Enzyme as a disinfectant liquid, a substitute for liquid chlorine or other chemicals that were previously used as a disinfectant in the neighborhood where residents live,” said Ahmad Kosasih, Monday (16/08).

This Eco Enzyme is called very environmentally friendly because it is made from organic materials, namely fermented a mixture of brown sugar, skins of fresh fruits or vegetables and water. “Eco enzyme does not cause odor, even smells good and certainly does not have a negative impact on health because it is made from organic ingredients,” he said.

Kosasih added that in the early stages PMI Bekasi Regency had sprayed disinfectant with this Eco Enzyme liquid to a number of areas in Bekasi Regency. A total of 3 units of gunner spraying tank trucks with a capacity of 5000 liters and 1 unit of spraying pick up team were deployed to densely populated residential areas, offices, state roads to public spaces.

“With this spraying, it is hoped that the public will no longer be afraid of being disturbed by the pungent odor of the liquid released and no longer need to be afraid of damage (to car paint and plants) produced by the disinfectant liquid,” he said.

PMI Bekasi Regency will continue to innovate and intensify spraying of disinfectants as an effort to anticipate the spread of Covid-19. This is in line with the slogan of the Bekasi Regency Government on its 71st Anniversary, namely the Spirit of Courage or Bekasi Eradicating the Pandemic.

As an initiator, PMI Bekasi Regency invites other groups or institutions to use eco-enzyme as a substitute for other disinfectant liquids made from chemicals, as an effort to combat the Covid-19 outbreak that is still hitting today.

“Including the industry, we have also collaborated with Apindo to socialize this concept to industrial players in Bekasi Regency,” he said.

Meanwhile, the representative of the Eco Enzyme Nusantara Community in the Bekasi area, Herman said that apart from being able to kill bacteria and prevent epidemics, eco-enzyme liquid also has other benefits, namely reducing the production of organic waste. The skins of fresh fruits and vegetables that are usually discarded can now be used for the manufacture of eco-enzyme liquid.

“In addition, eco-enzyme liquid can also be used to treat various wounds (external wounds), which has been proven to be able to clean pesticides, herbicides, and germs on vegetables and fruit as well as eating utensils,” he said. (ist)

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