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Use Lower Specification Car Engine Oil, Must Pay Attention To This

  • Share – Engine oil used in cars must follow the specifications listed by the manufacturer.

This is so that the oil used is optimal in protecting the engine from wear and making maximum engine performance.

However, in order to save on oil change costs, people often use engine oil with lower specifications or downgrades.

For example, a car engine requires an API SN Fully Synthetic engine oil specification.

Meanwhile, the engine oil used is only API SL with mineral or semi synthetic base oil.

Third generation Ford Focus engine oil at . workshop


Third generation Ford Focus engine oil at . workshop

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“Using a lower engine oil specification is actually okay, but there are things to pay attention to,” said Rialdy Fasha, as Motul Indonesia’s Training and Technical Engineer.

“The thing that must be considered is the life of the engine oil and the performance of the car engine will not be the same,” he added.

If the engine oil changes used according to specifications are carried out every 10,000 kilometers intervals, the downgrade engine oil will not be able to do the same.

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