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Successful Women Entrepreneur from Cambodia, Engaged in the Rubber Sector

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PHNOM PENH-KEMPALAN: A Cambodian woman named Meak Phany managed to develop her rubber plantation business with a number of farmers in Preaek Prasab following in her footsteps.

He was born into a family of plantation owners, but his family garden was planted with cassava. Meak Phany considers the cassava sector to be less reliable as an income source.

In addition, he was driven by rising rubber prices in the market and began to engage in the rubber plantation business in 2014.

“With that in mind, I sought financial assistance from Amret MFI to prepare the land and plant 8,500 rubber trees on my 15-hectare plantation in Prek Prosob, Kratie,” he said in an interview with The Phnom Penh Post.

Phany explained to the Cambodian news agency about the process of planting rubber. In 2020, he managed to supply 52 tons of rubber. It has clients both at home and abroad.

Investments in the rubber plantation sector will return within six years, while waiting for that, he grows other crops on his plantations such as soybeans, watermelon, and cassava. The plant also helps finance his rubber plantations.

Maek Phany next plans to build a warehouse to store rubber and buy new trucks for on-time delivery, both for overseas and domestic marketing.

He also provides consultation and advice to those who want to do business in the rubber sector by providing a thorough explanation of the rubber cultivation process, some of which is even supplied by Maek himself. He even got a request for 20,000 rubber plants for other plantations. (TPPP, reza hikam)

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