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Review of the Content, Benefits and Prices of Generos Brain Vitamins –

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Before discussing the content of Generos and its benefits, we would like to inform you of this information, for ordering Generos products, please order Generos at

Hello Mother, do you know what Generos is yet? Generos is a brain nutrition stimulated with 5 natural ingredients Quantum, Generos process consists of 4 stages uniquely developed over 15 years. Generos is empirically capable of being a nutrient and counteracting free radiation interference that is harmful to the brain.

In addition to nourishing the child’s brain, Generos is also able to ward off free radiation interference that is harmful to the brain, besides that Generos can help overcome Speech Delay in children.

So, you don’t have to worry about looking for brain nutrition for your baby’s intelligence. Because Generos brain nutrition for smart Indonesian children. Also make sure to pay attention to the instructions how to drink Generos .

Contents and Benefits of Brain Vitamin Generos

Mother, here are 5 Natural Ingredients contained in Generos, the best selected natural ingredients with so many benefits in it for brain health and the growth and development of your child. Check out the following content.

1. gotu kola

Here it is Mother, one of the secrets of the best ingredients from Generos, namely the Gotu Kola Plant (Centella Asiatica). Mothers should know that gotu kola is called the best brain tonic or the best brain intelligence enhancer. It has been mentioned by many experts who have done many tests on gotu kola or what is internationally known as Gotu Kota.

One of the studies conducted by Prof. Venena Kalra, Himalaya research and Development Center explains that gotu kola can stimulate brain growth. Even a master Chinese herbalist Li_Ching-Yuen was able to live a healthy life at the age of 200 because he regularly consumed this plant.

Well Buda, the effects that can be observed in children by consuming Generos, children who used to be passive, shy and restless. Be cheerful, communicative and cooperative. That is the efficacy of the asiaticoside substance contained in gotu kola. The triterpenoid compound is able to improve memory, concentration and alertness in children.
How are you?

2. Forest Honey

Mother, do you know that one of the ingredients for making Generos is Forest Honey.

Why? Because Forest Honey is produced by a type of giant bee or Giant Bee with the Latin name Apis Dorsata. Forest honey with nectar from the forest in general has a richer content than livestock honey, you know, Mother. Forest honey naturally contains 3 probiotics, namely Lactobacillus Kunkeei, Lactobacillus sp, and Lactobacillus vermiform.

These three probiotics are very good for restoring and increasing human digestibility.

So Mother, the sweet taste in Generos is obtained from the composition of very fresh Indonesian forest honey. So with a fresh taste Generos also brings all the great benefits of forest honey.

3. Noni

Here are the ingredients for the next Generos, yes, noni fruit or Pace as the Javanese say.

Bud, you know what? Noni in ancient times (100 BC) in Polynesian society was called the fruit of the gods. Before medical science developed rapidly, noni was used as a mainstay in healing various diseases.

Well, in this noni fruit there are active ingredients Acubin, L. asperuloside, alizarin and several anthraquinone substances that have been proven as anti-bacterial substances. Substances that power against bacterial infections.

In addition, there are other active substances such as Scopoletin which functions to enlarge the constricted blood vessels and increase the body’s blood flow. In addition to the active substances above, there are still many active substances and rich minerals today.

So bun, in Generos noni functions as an antidote to free radicals in the brain. Prevent diseases both caused by degenerative factors or infections such as meningitis, vertigo, brain indexi, brain cancer and so on.

4.Eel Fish

Mother, you already know this eel, right? The queen of fish is full of nutrition in her water kingdom hehe.

So Gin, eel or in Japanese Unagi or water ginseng has a high nutritional content. 1 kg of eel in Japan, Korea or China is quite expensive, which is 1 million rupiah, you know.

Why can it be so expensive, huh?

Because of this, Bun, this eel is widely known for the content of Omega 3 and Protein Albumin in eel more than Salmon, COD and other fish. Eel is the queen in nutritional gal. Wow! Lots of nutrients and protein content.

Oiya, according to the Maritime Affairs and Fisheries Service, noted that the Vitamin B1 contained in eel is 25 times more than Vitamin B1 found in cow’s milk. Vitamin B2 of eel is 5 times higher than B2 of cow’s milk. Wow!

Well, Generos is the first brain nutrition that uses eel. All the goodness of eel is formulated with the right dose to be a strengthening part in providing the best nutrition and brain development. Improve memory, prevent senility, and grow inactive brain neurons.


Well, Bun, this is Generos’ last child, which is temulawak. Surely you are not foreign, because it is often used as an ingredient in Mother’s cooking at home. Hehe

So Bund, Curcuma Xanthoriza is an active compound that has recently attracted many scientists to this plant, you know.

So because of its very broad function, it can prevent bad bacteria that attack the human immune system.

In vivo tests of curcuma have shown that curcuma can prevent several types of cancer, including prostate, breast, skin and colon. This effect is achieved because curcuma is a powerful antioxidant, protecting cells from damage. Besides curcuma, there is also a patented germakron.

Bun, a researcher in Japan, namely Yamzaki, also explained that this active substance functions to improve central nervous function. Temulawak is also rich in other flavonoids that can increase brain stimulation and appetite in children.

That’s why one of the ingredients in Generos is ginger which can be used to improve the central nervous system and work to increase appetite and maintain a child’s immune system when consuming Generos.
So there’s a lot of Bund, good content from Generos to be the child’s choice of nutrition, Mother.

Then what is the price of generos brain vitamins?

Generos is sold at a price of Rp. 400,000/box in the form of 1 Package of 2 bottles @ 30 ml. Why? Because it is in accordance with the recommended dosage for optimal results. Let’s be a smart customer before buying Mother. Beware of cheap prices!
ALERT!! Non-original products, make sure to order directly at

Come on, be a smart mother. Do not be easily tempted by cheap prices but not yet confirmed its authenticity. Give your best, don’t even try it. Hehe

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