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How to Make the Color of Belel Jeans Like New According to the Trend

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How to Make the Color of Belel Jeans
Illustration of How to Make Jeans Belel Color. Photo: Ist/Net

How to make the color of worn jeans so that they stay in use according to trends and look like new again is quite easy. Jeans are the most favorite clothes that you may regret throwing away. With the following tips, you can reuse the jeans so you can still wear them.

Surely favorite jeans that have faded and changed shape. There are various ways that you can apply to solve this problem.

Some Ways to Make the Color of Belel Jeans Look New and Follow Today’s Trends

Ways to take advantage of worn, tattered, faded jeans are to:

Coloring Lobster

If you are uncomfortable using your jeans because the color is dull and worn, then you can restore the color by recoloring it. Although it will not be the same as the new color first, this method will not lose to the original color.

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Coloring is to use Wantex. Wantek is a dye material to strengthen the color of pants or clothes that are made of jeans.

The coloring is also very easy. So you can do it at home without the help of others. You only need to prepare equipment in the form of a pan, stove, and stirrer.

The trick, first you pour 3 liters of water into a saucepan and heat it until it boils. After that, put one packet of wantex or other clothes coloring agent into the saucepan and mix well.

The next step is to put the pants in the pan and stir for about 30 minutes.

The way to make a new color of tattered jeans is to let the color sink in perfectly. Then remove the pants and leave to cool.

You can wash the pants to remove dirt until clean. Then dry in the shade and avoid direct sunlight. Well, your pants are like new again.

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Make it a Ripped Model

The next way to make tattered jeans is to make them a ripped model. The worn pants can be reused by making regular pieces.

Instead of being wasted and unused, you can apply this method. Make a torn concept starting from the thigh to the knee.

Make a pattern with a pencil, then cut out. You can also make it with a grater. You tear it on purpose so that it becomes ripped pants.

To make the color of tattered jeans, all you have to do is prepare which pants you want to color. Then decide which part you will tear.

Prepare equipment such as cutter, scissors, and knife. If you want the back of the pants to remain intact, then prepare cardboard or plywood for the base when punching holes.

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After that, make a pattern using a pencil on the front of the jeans. Slice with scissors or a cutter according to the previous pattern. Make a 1 cm or more tear and repeat on the other side.

To be more secure, you can widen the hole by hand. So the hole is wider. If necessary when the hole is long enough, you can strengthen the hole with a needle and thread. By sewing around the hole, you can get the perfect ripped.

Make the Belel Color Fade

The trend of today’s jeans is the color of jeans that are more faded in some parts. You can experiment with color bleach.

If you’re tired of worn-out jeans, there are several ways you can make them useful again, you can make them fade. You can do this by using chemicals or bayclin.

The trick is to soak the jeans in bleach for 20 to 30 minutes. You can use gloves to keep your hands safe during the bleaching process. If so, then rinse and dry in the shade.

Utilizing Long Jeans Into Shorts

If you are bored with trousers, you can turn them into shorts by cutting them. You can prepare the pants that you want to turn into shorts. Then determine the length of the pants you want and cut on the part that has been marked.

Make the cut with scissors. Your pants are ready to wear. In such ways it can be more useful so that you can use these pants to relax at home. (R10/HR-Online)

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