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When Should Roofs and Tiles Be Replaced?

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JAKARTA,— Roofs and roof tiles can be damaged and worn over time.

What happened next was discoloration, leaks, mold growth and the worst possibility was the roof collapsing because it was too weathered.

If this happens, do not rush to replace all your roofs and tiles. Check with experts for the possibility of making repairs if the damage is still minor.

Here are some improvements that you might be able to do as reported by Roohome, Monday (16/8/2021).

  • If the damage is limited, you may just need to repair or replace some tiles.
  • If the damage is severe, or the life of the roof and tile has run out, you may need to replace the roof surface with a new tile or even choose a new type of covering, such as asbestos or zinc.

However, sometimes you really have to replace all the frames on the roof of the house and also the tile because it has been eaten by age, weathered by termites or worn out due to age and weather.

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How to check the roof

The main function of inspecting roofs and tiles is to check for damage. Broken battens, ribs, roof tiles and ceilings can allow water to enter the roof structure and cause more damage.

For this reason, inspection is needed, especially if it will enter the rainy season. Here are some types of roof damage and their characteristics:

1. Interior wall or ceiling stains

Check the walls and ceilings in your home for discoloration, which could be a sign that your roof or walls are leaking.

Any moisture must be treated quickly, preferably before it causes mold to grow.

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