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Makassar Ijo Banana Ice

  • Share, Jakarta Indonesia is rich in culinary delights. From sweet to savory dishes. Being in an archipelagic country, Indonesia has a variety of dishes that are unique to each region. Welcoming Indonesia’s independence day, there’s nothing wrong with trying this typical Makassar dish.

The sweet taste combined with the savory coconut milk makes Es Pisang Ijo the right choice on the menu. Let’s take a look at the Makassar Ijo Ice Banana recipe, as quoted from the release from Sapapua below.


  • Banana horn 1 piece
  • Rice flour 65 gr
  • Sapapua Sago Flour 65 gr
  • Coconut milk 65 gr
  • Air 550 gr
  • Salt tsp
  • Sugar 7 tbsp
  • Pandan paste 1 tsp
  • Vanilla Extract tsp
  • Cooking cream 125 gr
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