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Lesty Kejora Looks Dressed In Lilac Color During the Recitation Before the Wedding

  • Share, Jakarta – Lesty Kejora and Rizky Billar’s wedding is only a few days away. One by one the sacred events were passed smoothly, including the recitation program. In that moment, Lesty looks elegant.

As a special moment, Lesty also made various preparations carefully. One of these preparations is about clothing for the study.

In that event, Lesty prepared gown design by designer Ayu Dyan Andari. It chooses the color lilac which is becoming a prima donna in the fashion world.

“Details Recitation of Quran @lestykejora in a lilac dress like dede Lesty’s choice ,” wrote the designer via his Instagram account @byayudyahandari, Monday (16/8/2021).

Lilac is a combination of purple and white. The impression is sweet and feminine. The name lilac refers to the flowers on the shrub plant. In addition to describing the mysterious, the color also describes a spirit or energy that can affect the surroundings.

After her studies, Lesty is known to undergo a bainai night procession with her lover in a separate place. This procession was carried out by the bride and groom with Minang customs which initially aimed to repel the troops. At this moment, the bride’s fingers are decorated with henna.

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