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These are the Ingredients and Methods for Making Traditional Immune-Enhancing Traditional Medicines, Recommendations from the Ministry of Health

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JAKARTA, – During the Covid-19 pandemic, a strong immune system is very important to ward off various diseases, including being a traditional medicine for Covid-19.

To increase the body’s immunity, we can consume traditional food or drink ingredients that can be made from natural ingredients in the home environment, ranging from spices and other kitchen spices.

The following is a recipe for ingredients and how to make natural ingredients for traditional medicine, recommended by the Director General of Health Services at the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Indonesia, which is stated in Circular No. HK.02.02/IV/2243.2020 concerning the Use of Traditional Medicines for Health Maintenance, Disease Prevention and Health Care.

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A. ramuan 1
1) Material
a) Red Ginger: 2 fingers
b) Lime: 1 piece
c) Cinnamon: 3 fingers
d) Brown sugar: to taste
e) Water : 3 cups
2) How to make
Wash all the ingredients, the red ginger is washed and crushed. Boil water until
let out a lot of steam, reduce the heat and boil all the ingredients that have been prepared
together with brown sugar for 15 minutes then strain in a cold state.
3) How to use
Herb taken 1 time a day as much as 1 cups.

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B. Potion 2
1) Material
a) Turmeric: 1 thumb segment
b) Galangal: 1 thumb segment
c) Lime: 1 piece
d) Water : 3 cups
e) Brown sugar: to taste
2) How to make
Wash all ingredients, turmeric and galangal crushed. Then boil the water until
bring to a boil, reduce heat and add all ingredients, wait about until
half and turn off, strain in a cold state.
3) How to use
Herb taken 1 time a day as much as 1 cups.

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C. Potion 3
1) Material
a) Gotu Kola: 1 thumb segment
b) Red Ginger: 1 thumb segment
c) Ginger: 1 piece
d) Water: 1.5 cups
e) Palm sugar: to taste
2) How to make
Gotu kola washed until clean, then boil the water until it boils, after boiling reduce the heat and enter the gotu kola that has been prepared. Wait until the water is left about 2 cups, after it is cold filtered, add lime juice.
3) How to use
Drink 2 times a day 1 cup

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