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Attract Customers, Couples in Kediri Combine Coffee Shop with Bougenville Flower Garden | Online Nation

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Heni Ifawati, the owner of the Kali coffee shop and the owner of the Bougenville flower garden while tidying the branches of the cherry blossom Bougenville on Jalan Erlangga, Katang, Ngasem District, Kediri Regency. photo: MUJI HARJITA/BANGSAONLINE

KEDIRI, – The Covid-19 pandemic, which is still ongoing until now, has not made Heni Ifawati (42) just give up. After her goat satay shop could not continue, this mother of 2 sons built a shop that was integrated with the Bougenville flower garden.

The bougainvillea flower, which has the scientific name bougainvillea, is a type of ornamental plant that is quite popular and is starting to increase in demand in the midst of this pandemic.

Bougenville flowers themselves have many types and colors of flowers, ornamental plants are also popular because they are quite easy to care for. Bougenville flowers are also familiar with the name of this paper flower because of its thin, paper-like petals.

Heni Ifawati, who is originally a resident of Beduk Village, Ngadiluwih District, Kediri Regency, built a shop called Kedai Kopi Kali behind the Bougenville flower garden. The shop with a combination of bougenville flower gardens, according to Heni, just opened last August 4, 2021.


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People who pass every day on Erlangga Street, precisely in Katang Hamlet, Sukorejo Village, Ngasem District, Kediri Regency, must see the bougenville flower garden whose flowers are blooming on the north side of the Kediri-Malang Highway.

The coffee shop this time is not clearly visible from the outside, because it is covered with bougainvillea flower gardens. However, as soon as visitors head towards the back of the garden, they see a shop that is well-arranged and looks very natural, interspersed with colorful bougenville flowers on the sidelines of the shop.

To, Heni shared the initial idea that she and her husband had to set up a shop combined with this bougenville flower garden. Heni admits that she enjoys cooking and culinary delights, while Eko Bintoro, her husband, has had a hobby of growing bougenville flowers for a long time.

“After our goat satay stall couldn’t survive, then the idea came up to build a shop combined with a Bougenville flower garden. Then we realized that idea and finally established a coffee shop this time combined with this Bougenville flower garden,” said Heni, Monday (16/16). 8).

According to Heni, at his shop, various types of food and drinks are available at friendly prices. The most expensive price maybe only fried duck, which is Rp. 23 thousand/portion.

“We also provide souvenirs in the form of a vase of flowers, to purchase food and drinks in multiples of Rp. 30 thousand. But instead of bougainvillea flowers, we give broccoli, sambangdara, rambusa, and asoka flowers,” he explained.

In the flower garden there are about 2,000 large and small polybags. Meanwhile, the price of bougainvillea flowers ranges from Rp. 40 thousand to Rp. 15 million/tree. The price also depends on the size of the tree and the character of the tree. If it has a bonsai character, it will be more expensive

“Those who bought bougenville flowers from our cultivation, apart from Kediri, there were also those from Malang, Sidoarjo and Surabaya. Maybe they just passed by, saw the bougainvillea flower garden and then stopped by to eat at our shop,” he concluded.

As is known, the first time the bougenville flower was named by its discoverer, Sir Louis Antoine de Bougainville who was a French Navy Soldier.

As time progressed, the beautiful bougainvillea flowers were also found in South America, Brazil, Peru, to southern Argentina, including in Singapore. There are dozens of types of bougainvillea flowers that grow and develop in the world today. (test/ian)

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