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Petition Appears for Her Imprisonment, Kartika Putri: I’ve Surrendered and Can’t Afford Netizen’s Violence

  • Share – Artist Kartika Putri was flooded with blasphemy after the arrest of beauty doctor, Richard Lee by police from Polda Metro Jaya in Palembang, Wednesday, August 11, 2021. Instagram Kartika Putri was invaded by netizens and suspected that doctor Richard Lee was arrested for a libel report.

In fact, doctor Richard Lee was arrested for illegally deleting evidence and accessing social media, but he was immediately sent home. Even so, the wife of Habib Usman bin Yahya is still the subject of scorn for netizens.

In fact, there was a netizen who made a petition wanting to imprison the woman who is often called Karput. Monitored on Monday (16/8/2021) at 15.00 WIB, the petition entitled “Release Dr. Richard or imprison Kartika Putri too!” signed 1904 for 4 days.

Kartika Putri (Photo: YouTube/KH Infotainment)
Kartika Putri (Photo: YouTube/KH Infotainment)

Knowing that she was petitioned, Kartika Putri finally spoke up. The star of the film, Women in a haunted house, responded casually. According to him, the petition is common and can be made by anyone. For him, if he is put in prison it must be based on law enforcement, not a petition.

“Petitions are something that can be made. What can’t be hacked nowadays? Everything can be hacked, banks are also hackers, let alone a petition. For me personally, my petition is going to jail, this is a state of law, this is law enforcement,” he explained, quoted as saying from the KH Infotainment YouTube channel on Monday (16/8/2021).

The 30-year-old woman confirmed that her case with doctor Richard Lee had been handed over to her brother and her uncle as legal counsel. She admitted that she gave in to the scorn and slander of netizens.

“It’s been explained clearly enough by my uncle and my brother as legal counsel, here I have given up in the sense that I can’t stand the tyranny of netizens and irresponsible people,” he said.

Kartika Putri and Habib Usman bin Yahya (Photo: Instagram/@kartikaputriworld)
Kartika Putri and Habib Usman bin Yahya (Photo: Instagram/@kartikaputriworld)

Kartika Putri admitted that she was afraid of netizens’ scorn. Because this is the first time he’s been bullied. Even so, he remained enthusiastic because he was flooded with support from his family.

“I was afraid, when I got home I was supported by my family until I was visited. Now, I’m completely wrong. Being pulled behind during my career from 2006, 15 years or so I have a career, this time I have a problem and I think it’s quite heavy,” he said.

“Because what I am fighting or facing is complicated or difficult. What is important for me is that my family reminds me of standing up for truth, honesty and whatever the risks are despite being bullied. Moreover, my late mother advised us as long as we are right, as long as we don’t do wrong things. Why should we be afraid and not be someone else? evil,” he continued.

Kartika Putri also denied allegations that doctor Richard Lee’s attorney, Razman, said he had bribed the police. He admitted that he was not that bad and still wanted to resolve the problem with doctor Richard Lee amicably.

“I am from the beginning, these legal steps are my last step. Who am I? If there is Mr. Razman, he says there is a strong person behind me. Bro, I only have Allah SWT and my family. Mr. Razman. If I am, what am I?” he added.

“For me, I am not that wrong. Indeed, from the beginning my ethics were welcomed and there was no selfish hatred towards a person or person. This certainly will not happen today. I think what careers do always use a code of ethics and never violate any code of ethics. .” the lid.

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