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Efficient and Speedy, This Sophisticated Motorcycle is Sold for IDR 21 Million

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VIVA Even though electric motorbikes are currently being offered in the automotive market, there are still many people who are hesitant to own them. There are several things they worry about from these sophisticated vehicles.

One example, namely the distance that can be traveled when the battery is fully charged. Although the price is affordable, in general, electric motorcycles can only reach 50-60 kilometers in one charge.

Battery charging time is also their concern, where in order for the battery to be fully charged again, the motor must be charged for several hours. When driven, the speed is also limited to 60-70 km per hour.

However, all these shortcomings have been overcome by the Indian company Simple Energy. Reported by VIVA Otomotif from the page Rushlane, Monday, August 16, 2021, they have just launched an electric motorcycle called the Simple One.

This iron horse is their first product, and has the appearance of an automatic scooter today. This can be seen from the firm body design in several corners, combined with 12-inch wheels at the front and rear.

The propulsion is not a gasoline engine, but a dynamo which has a power of 6 horsepower and 72 Newton meters of torque. With these specifications, this sophisticated iron horse can accelerate to a speed of 105 kilometers per hour.

Simple Energy provides four driving modes that can be selected as needed, if you choose the most economical, this two-wheeled vehicle can be used to cover a distance of 236 km. If it is used for 50 km per day, the owner only needs to charge it every 4 days.

Not only the pacemaker is cool, this motorbike is also equipped with an instrument panel in the form of a large digital screen that can display GPS maps, phone calls to manage music.

With all these advantages, Simple One, which has been officially offered in India, is offered at a price of only 110 thousand rupees or the equivalent of Rp. 21 million.

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